Paul Ballenger speaking to Denver Gazette about the first draft of DPS security plan

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Introducing Paul Ballenger: A Leader Committed to Transforming Our Schools and Empowering Our Students

Paul Ballenger, a security consultant, offered his insights on the security plan released by Denver Public Schools Superintendent Alex Marrero. Ballenger highlighted the need for professionals to handle pat downs, suggesting that students suspected of carrying weapons should not be allowed on campus at all. He also pointed out several missing security measures in the plan, including cameras, lighting, reinforced doors, and auto-locking devices. Ballenger acknowledged that implementing these measures would require time and resources but emphasized the importance of addressing them. He further noted that denial was the biggest obstacle to fixing the security issues. Overall, Ballenger’s perspective emphasized the need for comprehensive and proactive measures to ensure the safety of students and staff within Denver Public Schools.

Read the full story reported by Denver Gazette here.

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